About MTTlab

The idea to establish MTTlab (Medical Transfer Trieste Laboratories) arose from unmet needs and requirements in the Research & Development field of cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

In 2015, MTTlab was founded by Cristina Degrassi and Martin Mojzisek, who decided to put to use their 10+ years’ experience in the pharmacological and new drug development field. The knowhow acquired both in academia and (mainly) the pharma industry helped to quickly establish close collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies and national research institutes.

MTTlab delivers both in vitro and in vivo data sets for the preclinical evaluation of investigational compounds which can be used for regulatory submissions, project evaluation, scientific publications and fund raising. MTTlab provides support for client studies or projects from the earliest research stages and assists with both scientific and regulatory challenges to obtain valid results within requested deadlines.

MTTlab offers small/medium size (up to 500 mice in a single experiment) in vivo studies (toxicology, efficacy, behavioral, disease models) and relevant in vitro studies to private companies, universities, academic institutions and government research centers worldwide.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service on par with the best CROs and with the flexibility of an internal laboratory.

Each member of the MTTlab team has significant experience and knowhow in their field of expertise and unrestricted access to state of the art equipment. Multidisciplinary interaction and collaboration is encouraged to promote progressive research and to accelerate the translation of research results into product / patient care.


Our values

Quality & Flexibility

MTTlab team is highly committed to the timely delivery of accurate, complete and accessible data in order to support critical decisions affecting the progress of clients’ research/technology. Studies are tailored according to each client’s requirements and designed with the utmost care to obtain relevant data.

Our customers think of us as an extension of their teams—and that’s how we think of ourselves.


We strive to continuously improve our services through upgraded technology and updated procedures. MTTlab is active both internally and in collaboration in developing alternative in vitro methods which are faster and more ethical in nature.


Client satisfaction is our first priority. We understand that constant updates and communication is fundamental, both in the design phase and during the realization phase, in order to keep the client informed and in control of the study as it progresses.