BIOTOXIK srl, previously known as BIOLOGIK Srl, was born 25 years ago in the microbiological analysis field. BIOTOXIK provides specific solutions for Biological Quality Control laboratories of Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics and Environmental Industries. MTTlab Srl and BIOTOXIK collaborate to expand your research.

KARYON info:

Karyon offers consulting and support services for development of technologies and scientific knowledge in biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields for Universities, Research Institutes and Companies. MTTlab Srl and Karyon Srls collaborate to expand your research.

Labospace info:

LABOSPACE is a laboratory service provider with headquarters in the hearth of Milan (Italy), and with branches in the United Kingdom and USA which make up our biobank network. It is a facility where professionals from different backgrounds meet at the service of scientific research.

MTTlab Srl and LABOSPACE collaborate for your scientific research using the best technologies and standard quality assessment. Read more…


React4life Srl is an innovative start-up, working in the biotech scenario. The team covers consolidated expertise in the field of Tissue Engineering, bioengineering, regenerative medicine and informatics.

MTTlab Srl and REACT4LIFE Srl work together to find new methods and expand your research. Read more…

Giotto Biotech info:

Giotto Biotech Srl is a spin-off of the Magnetic Resonance Center (CERM) at the University of Florence. Giotto Biotech specializes in all technologies associated with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), providing biomolecules, organic synthesis and metabolomics.

MTTlab Srl and Giotto Biotech Srl collaborate on metabolomics and NMR applied to in vivo studies. Read more…

Vivomicx logo

Vivomicx info:

Vivomicx was born to found a company aimed at making the process of drug discovery more efficient. In October 2006, the commercial entity Vivomicx was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen. In July 2008 a follow – up project was granted that enables the execution of a proof of concept study in order to further expand application of the Vivomicx technology.

MTTlab Srl and VIVOMICX collaborate on molecular pharmacology services to obtain relevant results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Read more…

University of Padova info:

The University of Padova is founded in 1222 and is one of the oldest universities in the world.

MTTlab Srl and Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences Department of University of Padova collaborate on in vitro drug metabolism for the selection of yours leader compounds and in silico ADME-Tox Properties Prediction for your best drug development. Read more…

University of Udine info:

    • The University of Udine was founded in 1978 as part of the reconstruction plan of Friuli after the earthquake in 1976.
  • The University currently has the following degree programmes in: Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Law, Modern Languages, Communication and Training, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery and Mathematics, Computer Science and Multimedia.

MTTlab and Medical Sciences Department of the University of Udine collaborate on the development of ex-vivo organoid models, with financial support from the HEaD “Higher Education and Development” Project. Read more…