In Vitro Services


MTTlab provides clients with reproducible and consistent in vitro assay platforms, expertise in standard or custom assay design and implementation, approximately 40 cell lines available in-house (custom cell lines may be provided by the client). The most requested assay platforms include Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity (IC50/IC90 determination) using Sulforhodamin B (total protein assay), Resazurin (fluorescence cell metabolic assay) or MMT (cell metabolic assay). Cell culture assay gives a rapid and lower cost evaluation of drug activity in a range of tumors, as well as minimizing the risk of failure of in vivo assays.

Cell viability assay (IC50, IC90 testing):

Cells: most standard cell lines are available. If the sponsor requires a specific cell line not available in house, MTTlab can either purchase it on behalf of the sponsor (direct costs only) or the cell line can be provided directly by the sponsor (with negative Cell Contamination Test). A growth curve is established first for new cell lines.

Assay: Cell viability assay is offered with the option of various readouts such as SRB (NCI standard test), Resazurin, MTT or in situ Western Blot (with additional charge for antibody and Ab testing). The default format (subject to customization) is 96-well plate format, up to 5 compounds, nine two-fold dilution steps and eightfold testing of each concentration. Standard readout statistics are provided.

In vitro drug metabolism:

Thanks to collaboration with Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences Department of University of Padova, MTTlab offers the following in vitro services:

Biomedical Analysis:

Thanks to collaboration with LABOSPACE, MTTlab offers the following analysis:

  • FACS analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence FISH ISH through multiparameter immunoassays (LUMINEX, ELISA and FLOW CYTOMETRY)
  • Genetic Sequencing and Profiling with NGS