In Vivo Services


MTTlab specializes in carrying out and evaluating preclinical tests of novel oncological compounds and medical devices. MTTlab offers small/medium size (up to 500 mice in a single experiment) in vivo studies (toxicology, efficacy, behavioural, disease models, biodistribution) and relevant in vitro studies.

In vivo oncology testing

MTTlab offers following experimental models:

  • Xenografts
  • Allografts
  • Metastasis, Leukemia and Lymphoma,
  • Orthotopic Experiments upon request (not included in the flat rate package)
  • Toxicology Testing DRF in mice.

Please enquire for more extended toxicology studies.

Various in vivo tumor models are available. All in vivo tumor experiments use tumor fragment-based technology or in vivo propagated (i.p.) tumors. Each animal is identified via micro-chip and randomization into experimental groups is performed according to the highest standards.

In standard experiments, 7 to 15 mice are used per test group and each experiment includes a vehicle and selected chemotherapeutic control groups. As per sponsor request, smaller groups and/or more diverse compounds can be tested in a single Study. MTTlab calculates the study cost according to the number of mice and no setup fee is added.

Metabolomics and NMR applied to in vivo studies:

Thank to collaborate with Giotto Biotech Srl, MTTlab offers the following services:

  • NMR screening and metabolomics of biological fluids, tissue and food products
  • Metabolomic profiling and disease fingerprinting
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Drug studies (toxicity, mechanism of action, side effect)
  • Metabolomic statistical analysis
Molecular pharmacology applied to in vivo studies:

Thanks to collaboration with Vivomicx, MTTlab offers the following services:

  • molecular pharmacology of your drug in tissue compartments
  • identification and validation of molecular targets
  • biomarker identification and validation