Drug development done better with tissue-specific molecular pharmacology

Drug development done better with tissue-specific molecular pharmacology

September 13, 2018 News 0

We are pleased to present our “molecular pharmacology services” to obtain relevant results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In collaboration with Vivomicx, we can enhance the readout of in vivo/ex vivo pharmacology study by evaluating the drug candidate mode of action at a cellular level, by providing molecular pharmacology data in various tissue compartments and by identification/validation of molecular targets.

Cell behaviour in health and disease is intricately linked to the microenvironment of cells. Studying in vivo cell dysfunction and responses to drugs is what matters, but the interpretation of whole tissue analysis is often hampered by the complexity of the tissue.

Our approach assigns drug effects and cell behaviour in complex tissue to certain cell types. This compartmentalization will provide a better insight in the true pharmacological behaviour of your new compound in relation to the disease status.

We developed a well validated protocol for analysing gene expression profiles in subsets of cells in complex tissues from animal and human origin. Using laser dissection microscopy, we isolate predestined cells from tissue sections and subject their RNA to quantitative RT-PCR analysis. It provides a unique way to unmask the molecular control of cell behaviour in different compartments of healthy and diseased tissues. Also, the effects of therapeutic intervention can be analysed at the molecular level in the cells you are interested in.

To download the protocol example, please click here.

The diagram shows the expression levels in different compartments of the tumor and surrounding healthy tissue, and endothelial tumor cell line.